Who Is English Safes


We are experts in the private security safe industry. With years of industry experience, we facilitate the restoration and sale of private security safes that not only meet, but exceed the standards of the modern market.

With teams in both England and the United States, we offer a unique product to the US market that bests competitors both in quality and pricing.

Our industry knowledge not only ensures we can provide some of the highest grade safes in the US market, but that we can fully support clients during the product selection and delivery process of all sales.


What We Offer


Our team acquires primarily earlier model, Chubb Brand security safes with specific minimum security grade ratings. We then disassemble and completely refurbish all safes to like-new condition, including the cleaning and service of the locking mechanism, as well as lock replacement as needed. 

The finished product is essentially some of the highest quality safes in the market, blending modernized componentry with the highest grade cases and design ever offered on the public market – fully refinished to a like new condition.

Because we are not manufacturing all components from scratch, avoiding liability for the raw materials costs at today’s market rates, English Safes products are available to US based customers for a cost substantially lower than the majority of competing safes in the domestic market.

As experts with years of experience in the safe industry, we are confident that our product is the best investment available in the US market. Please contact us for more information on our safes including current options available.